About me

My desire for all women everywhere – be true to you.

Define your desires, take action and create your unstoppable future. I’m here to champion for you in anyway I can.

My goal for all mamas!

I believe women everywhere can live full, blissful lives while being exactly who they are and having exactly what they want.  Mamas love their families and that is amazing. But what makes me sad is seeing those mamas compromise themselves in the process.

My goal is to show moms that they need to and can, hold space for themselves. It doesn’t matter if they are home with littles, working full time, or some combination. They have to find themselves in the chaos.

Maybe your goal is to manage a successful career, or build a booming side business, or homeschool, or master the Pinterest craft show, or focus on your health and well-being. It doesn’t matter what your dream, it just matters that you make it happen!

This is your one, precious life and it is a gift!  All my love!

You deserve to live your passion, pursue your dreams and make your impact on the world!

My Vision

I am all about being a Mama, but also so much more.  I want my boys and my husband to see me not only as the mama, but also as me, Katie.

My personal vision is to be the very best mama I can be to my boys while simultaneously taking care of my self and my dreams. And one of my dreams is to be a support system for mamas everywhere. Because I know how much it matters. I’ve witnessed too many moms who are fading. They’ve lost themselves to all the distractions life provides. The kiddos, the work, the house, the husband, the everything but themselves! I know this very well because I was that mom. And then one day I realized it didn’t have to be my family over me. I would value both and in turn, both would thrive.

My career began in marketing and I spent 10 years working with corporations and clients on branding, events, communications, and digital media. But my favorite part of every day was the coaching I provided my team members.

I have always been passionate about self-development and helping others. Unfortunately, I left little time to live my passions.

I ran myself around the clock and became a human doer instead of a human being. I began to ask myself, “Is this really it.”

I’ve worked so hard and for what really? I finally came to the answer that life is short and we all deserve to BE and to live true fulfillment.

Ready to live a fulfilled life of passion and joy?