There are roughly 1000 marbles in this vase and they represent how many Saturdays I have left until I’m about 53 years young. Another way to look at it is about how many Saturdays until my little one leaves home. I hope and pray that I’m kicking well into my 100s but I’m also honest enough to admit that I can’t say with any certainty that I’ll get one more Saturday let alone 1000. But this is about the idea of appreciating life, not guessing when I’ll go.

So what’s up with my 1000 marbles? Well, several years ago an employer brought a big bowl of marbles to the office and told us about the story of 1000 Saturdays. I don’t know where the story originates but it shows up all over Google. But the idea is very simple; we have a limited number of Saturdays on this earth so we’d better damn well make the best of them.

How often do we say we want to live in the present moment? We get upset with ourselves when we look back on the week and think, where did my hours go? How often do we learn of someone leaving this earth too early and think, life is short – I need to make the most of every day. But then we get too easily caught up in the daily grind and forget all about the blessing of each moment.

I like tangibility so I needed a physical reminder to stay present. So, I placed my marbles right by the coffee maker (I lose my marbles without caffeine for sure). That way when I drag my sorry self downstairs on a Saturday morning I am slapped in the face with my 1000 Saturdays. I shake off the early morning grumps that I can’t help but feel with my youngest being such an early riser and hit go on the coffee. Take out a marble and throw it away. Then I grab my boys and husband and find instant joy in the day. We go for a walk, plan an adventure, or just have fun at home. No matter what we are doing, we are appreciating our precious time together.

So I encourage you, stop saying that you need to live in the moment and start doing it. Do whatever works for you. Post a reminder on your bathroom mirror, set a phone alarm, write on your hand or make a t-shirt! Stop worrying about what’s coming or what’s gone.

Enjoy your life – the amazing, painful, sad, and blissful – all of it. Live Full.