Oils, shakes, workout programs, skincare, clothes, weight loss, hair care…and I’m sure a million others. Let’s be honest, lately there are more mama’s hustling their goods on my Facebook feed than there are cute babies. But you know what, they are more than welcome with me. I might not buy or subscribe but as long as you keep including cute babies, puppies, inspiration and good wit, I won’t delete you either.

Now I admit, some are doing it better than others. But here is the beauty of the social sites – you can just keep on scrolling! Or if so inclined, unfollow or unfriend or whatever. You get to choose. But what you don’t have to do – shame those mamas. Because what you might not know, is just what that product sale means to that mom.

  • Maybe that extra cash is allowing her to sign her kiddo up for an activity she couldn’t otherwise afford.
  • Maybe she’s actually paying all the bills and supporting her family or contributing to the bills while staying home with her kids.
  • Maybe she is truly passionate about that product she’s sellin. She’s seen the great results and wants to share with her tribe.
  • Maybe she’s doing it because she was working full time outside of the house but the network marketing income has allowed her to now stay home with her babies.
  • Or, maybe that family doesn’t need the money but what that full-time mom desperately needs is something more. Maybe the MLM is providing her with a connection and community that she has struggled to find after leaving the corporate world for her babies.

Bottom line, I don’t care why she’s doing it. What I know she doesn’t need is judgment. Instead I offer my support and respect. I’ll respect what she’s selling and she’ll respect my ability to say, “no thanks.”

Now all that being said, just don’t ask me on a mom date and then try to sell me something. We all know how hard it can be to make genuine mom friends. It’s tough out there. Please don’t make it harder by pretending to want to be my friend only to pitch me on selling your body wraps, k?

I’ll respect you and you respect me! If I don’t want your product or to go to your party, say it’s cool and let’s get a drink. Don’t add me to Facebook groups without asking! And I won’t delete you from my feeds.

When we all respect each other and lift each other up, life is so much sunnier. So I will support you anyway I can. And if what you’re selling sounds like something I might want or need, I’ll buy from you. Because I will always choose to support a mama. So keep on hustling mama, you do you and you do your family! XXOO