Summer is here and it is going to be great!! I love summer. I love getting outside; I love the heat, the long days, the BBQS, park movies and music events, the pool days, leisurely mornings – all of it.

But the thing about summer is that it moves at lightning speed. It can also get tedious or overscheduled very quickly. Let’s be very real here, kiddos can make us insane when we, (or them) think it is our job to entertain them every moment of every day. I want my boys to be stimulated but not overscheduled. I want to make room for adventures and spontaneity but not leave full days where they drive me to insanity with their constant bickering. It’s a tricky balance mamas and it can get overwhelming fast.

And before we know it, back-to-school ads and crisp air will be shifting our priorities. So, I am going to be very intentional to make the very most of my summer. I want to have fun, make it a great experience for my family, and I don’t want to forget about my own desires and needs.

So I’ve decided to make a summer season absolute yes list! These are the things I must say yes to this summer to make me the best version of myself. If I keep these things in mind every day then I know I’ll be living on purpose and will have a mama-tastic summer.

My Absolute Yes List – Summer 2017

  1. Wake up expressing my gratitude for the day! Ideally, I’ll wake up 30 minutes before the rest of the house so I can have quiet time to myself where I’ll reflect and prepare my mind and heart for the day ahead. But if I’m real with myself, there will be days when I’m going to sleep until the baby makes me get up. So, my goal is to have my morning time 3 days a week.
  2. Get outside every day. Even if it’s raining – sit on the covered porch and smell the rain.
  3. Move every single day – walk, bike, swim, yoga, hike – whatever, just move!
  4. Read a book that is just for me 3 times a week. This cannot be child related.
  5. Spend at least three hours a week getting our home organized (closet, basement, garage, baby clothes, etc.) I cannot have a calm mind with a cluttered space.
  6. Design a weekly family adventure – something where the four of us go and enjoy the moment. It can be as big as a trip or as small as a neighborhood festival. All that matters is that we are mindful of our time together.
  7. Blog once a week.
  8. Spend quality time with my husband every day. Even 10 minutes where we connect with each other – not through our children.
  9. Connect with the baby inside of me. I can’t forget about my 3rd boy and how he hears and feels me too.
  10. Surround myself with inspiring people, be it a friend, colleague, or event. I need to feel love and inspiration through empowering women on a regular basis.
  11. Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night.
  12. Meditate 5 times per week.
  13. Make others smile every day. This must include those close to me as well as strangers.